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Cong Quoc Ha


                                      CONG QUOC HA

1955 :  Born in Hanoi, Vietnam.
1979 :  Graduated from the Industrial Fine Art University - Lacquer Department.
1995-2000 :  Deputy General Secretary of the Hanoi Fine Art Association
1995-1999 :  Chairman of Young Painters Club of Vietnam Fine Art  Association.
1995-2000 :  Chairman of Young Painters Club of Vietnam Fine Art  Association
                        Member of Hanoi Fine Arts Association.
                       Member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association

1978:   Metropolitan Fine Art Exhibition, Hanoi Fine Art Association.
1983:   Graphic Arts book Art Exhibition, Ministry of Culture.
1994:    Metropolitan Fine Arts Exhibition, Hanoi Fine Art Association.
1996:    Young Artist’s exhibition I, Sweden Found for Cultural Promotion.
1985:    Illustration Graphic Arts Exhibition, “Van Nghe” Magazine & Vietnam.
1999:    Metropolitan Fine Art Exhibition, Hanoi Fine Art Association.
2000:    Medal for Vietnam Fine Art Career.
2003:    Medal for Vietnam Fine Art Career.
2004:    Medal for Vietnam Fine Art Career.
1978,1982,1985: “Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition”,Hanoi, Vietnam.
1990: “Intergraphic 1990” Exhibition, Berlin – Germany.
1991:   “Hanoi Painters in Hai Phong” Hai Phong, Vietnam.
1992:   “Nude paintings” CEAE, Hanoi.
1993:    “Vietnamese Art”, Washington D.C. – USA
1995:    “Hanoi - Past and Present”, CEAE, Hanoi.
1997:    “Europe d’Art 97”, Geneva – Switzerland.
                        “Inside International Art”, Kassel – Germany.
“A room with a view”, Singapore Art Museum & Art Ambassador Gallery – Singapore.
   “Oriental Beauty” – United Nations W.T.O. Head office, Switzerland.
   “A New Morning”, World T.E.A.M. sport –Hanoi, Vietnam.
1998:  “Lacquer – Mysterious Kingdom”, La Maison des Arts Europe-Asian,    Paris.
                        “Hanoi young girl”, Nam Son Art Gallery, Hanoi.
1999:  “Vietnamese Beauty” Colombia University – New York – USA        
                        “Contemporary Vietnam Fine Art” Seoul – Korea.
                        “Vietnamese Lacquer Painting”, Manila – Philippines.
                        “Asian and Australian Contemporary Fine Art” Seoul – Korea
                        “Vietnamese Lacquer Painting”, Manila – Philipines.
                        “Asian and Australian Contemporary artists”, Melbourne – Australia.
                        “Contemporary Vietnamese Fine Arts”, Buenos Aires _ Argentina.
2000: “Salute to Summer I & II”, Gallery Asia, Hong Kong – China.
                “Contemporary Vietnamese Fine Arts”, Olso – Norway  Kingdom.
                 “Together with Children”, Friends Gallery & Catholic Relief Service (USA).
  “Contemporary Vietnamese Fine Arts”, International Cultural Centre & Museum, Olso,Norway.
2001: Vietnam Fine Art Contemporary”, Seoul, Korean.
2002:  “Hand & Hand”, Korean Embassy in Hanoi and Ministry of Affairs of the Social Republic of Vietnam – Vietnam Fine Art Museum – Hanoi.
2003: “Vietnam Fine Art Contemporary” by Vietnam Ministry of Culture & Information – Singapore.
2004: “Hanoi Contemporary Art”, Ahtello soul Art gallery, Sweden Borgsgatanatan, Stockholm.
2008: Group Exhibition “Vietnam’s Beauty” at Caisa Center of International Culture in Helsinki - Finland.
2011: Group Exhibition in Sweden.

Have many works in collection of inside and outside in Vietnam.


Young girl with bird

 Event & Exhibitions 
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