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Bui Huy Quang



                            BUI HUY QUANG

Bui Huy Quang was born in 1965 in Nam Dinh Province in Vietnam. He graduated from Hanoi's Industrial Art University in 2000 and his main medium is oil on canvas. His exquisitely detailed paintings come from his dreams and imagination.

Quang is an extremely sensitive person who seeks to share his vision of classic Asian beauty with his audience. Although many of his images depict young, demure, elegant women, he often chooses a black background in an attempt to meld their exquisite yet gentle character with the wisdom and insight of an older mature and nostalgic spirit.

Quang’s life remains very difficult and his paintings are of a world he dreams of. His images of beauty, music and dance represent some of the finer things that bring him happiness. The Lotus paintings represent a renewal of life – the plants and blossoms that wilt at the end of one season have a beauty of their own since they will re-emerge in the next season with new blooms in a cycle of life. Quang has participated in numerous exhibitions in Vietnam and Hong Kong and received an award during his final year of study in 2000 for works exhibited at the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.


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Lotus season
Country girl
Festival day
Girl with candle

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